Not a multiple personality disorder

I always tend to be in a balance state of mind and often trying to resolve quarrel among others. The honest person looks for the universal truth in every situation and tries to push me doing that. I follow the orders. But it is not a federal policy as well. So the filthy one keeps dragging me to perform his own needs and tend to break me down. Pretty confused in such situations i only had to bet on time. And let the rotation of earth to decide what has to happen. Accepting the outcome of it is a real challenge to all three of us. Anyone had to sacrifice every time and only one could win other one might accept. I try to give sedative to any two of them to prevent me from breaking down or the fight between them would kill me forever. And again there arises a quarrel in deciding the sedative. Omg! What the fuck would be running on all three. Sometimes i decide to kill the other two but doing that isnt easy. For an eternal life i need both. Neverthless i keep losing to the honest or the filthy person i indeed keep fighting all the time. Let the time decide!


Is it destiny ?

It was a day of determination after suffering with chronic infrequent knee and elbow joint in no pattern i could figure out for more than 4 years. I decided to run a novice marathon of 10km. Planning 3 months in advance did some study on shoes and got a pretty advanced in its kind with memory foam, coolant gel at the ankles, better ventilation and other blah blah blahs. Excited with the new shoe i started jogging almost 5 days in a week at the rate of 4 km per day. It made be refreshed and gave a new confidence. I was not feeling pain through this period. Waiting for D day it came atlast the day of marathon. There was 8000 odd runners i was about to run with on a cold day. There was pre stretching session during which for the first time i was doing those stretches. I was not accompanied by anyone and to run and complete was the only thing running in my mind. Luckily i got to find a old friend in the crowd and became buddies. Slow and steady was the call and we started our journey. After first 2 or 3 km my buddy got exhausted and started to slow down to walking. I kept jogging at the same pace of him to get hold. I could not leave him behind and go on running. It became my responsibility to inspire and make him run along. After 1 hour and 27 minutes we were on the target with a medal of completion. It felt like a life time achievement to me and wanted to keep running in every possible opportunity from then on. On evening of same day i started feeling pain in my legs. It was the usual muscular pain after a lot of straining and i decided to take a break from jogging for a week. I was relieved of the muscular pain but my chronic infrequent joint pain became frequent and barred me from jogging totally. I knew i should take a consulatation from doctor but nevertheless it wouldn’t help in my case as i had already spent time and money in identifying root cause and failed. But i am still trying to give that start atleast 1km a day and get pace. The shoe is stranded with mud and dust. It is waiting for the runner in me…

Hand broken for a day

It was raining heavily and i was not able to take my bike to work. Missed the bus that would take me to work too. And then car pooling helped me. Reached late to office though. It was usual routine for the rest of the day till i left office. I had to take a bus on different route to reach home. Met new people. Got to play cards with them. Took the next transit and had to walk a few kilometers after that. I was already hungry and couldn’t  walk. Luckily a pack of biscuit which i got before boarding the bus came in handy. I was munching the buscuits under the drizzling rain and emptied as i walked past half shuttered shops. Then there was a soup shop. A hot bowl of peppered soup was rolling down my throat. Some barking dogs some chasing behind and at a flash of bright lit neon lamp on top of my head chasing all of them away from me. The day ended peacefully. It was a different day without bike. Sometimes a change from routine away from comfort zone may bring you experiences both in favour and not. It is not about a day without bike. Small things that you leave behind with courage. Breaking habits schedules and routines. It is to stretch and know the limits or go as far as you can until you break. You will not regret later for not even trying something out.

Moments captured

A photograph speaks a million words. The imaging technology has experienced the moore’s law and it is still living through it. I remember the mystic days of using negatives and wonder how the images would have come for 2 long days. It operated on a basic light and photo film technique. You could control only the ISO on most decent level models. Also one need to be good at judging the amount of light in a frame. But it used to be a good experience with it. There will be no one flaunting around with costly DSLRs or DSLTs. Time has witnessed the evolution from film cameras to SLR (Single lens reflection camera) to Digital SLRs to DSLTranslucent. Method of opration of a DSLR or T doesn’t differ much to the user except the later being a fixed mirror camera. With digital cameras there is no worry of a film wastage. Review and discard the ones that are no longer required. Happy shots 😉

on two wheels O/-\O

Motorcycle travel is one of the finest teacher who takes you through endurance test and makes aware of your personal self. For those who were taking it lightly as one of the easiest of adventures i need to tell it is not. The difficultness depend on the time of the day and other climatic conditions.

Do not start your ride without basic gear. That is the foremost rule. A good quality Helmet is one for sure. Take short breaks every 50 km. Have some water and carry on. This prevents from dehydrating and reduces after ride fatigue. An advice i would suggest limit your first ride to a maximum of 500 km. This letsyou know your fitness level and also your bikes fitness. Needless to say how muchever distance you plan service your bike before starting and check the fuel and air pressure on tyres. If your way is too remote try to get the basic tools and know how to fix a flat tyre. Having said this i also did not know fixing it in my bike.

The ride also tests your mental stability and need to control restlessness that develops. You need to keep concentrating and restrict distractions and other backgrouond thoughts. But dont forget to enjoy the scenic view turning around you. Keep calm.

Try to provide meaning to your ride in your own way. One is getting to know the specialities of the places you travel and experiencing it. It could be food, art forms, nature and anything. Do not plan you trip amidst tight schedule or you will end up compromising on the above. Though i am not a great person to write motor cycle diaries (real life story of che guevera, ofcourse inspired), i am trying to set my own version atleast after a couple of fine rides. And i can cherish myself in the future. I cannot give up my bike in the process of travel as in story. I would say you become a modern partial yogi if you do long distance rides and exclaim a complete one if you decide to give up your bike and never return to your home land. Happy riding. Just enjoy!