Rebuilding the Love for Math

Everyone does business in their daily lives and hence put math to work. But many at times limit ourselves to unleash the full potential of math what we know. The reason could be meaningless classes we attended and exams that have been written to secure grades. But somehow my inner mind was telling me to develop a strong passion for mathematics after disconnecting it from for a while. The power of mathematics is unlimited and plays a vital role in all spheres of life. Be it the food you take and the amount of calories and time to burn can be said with certain confidence level given the work done before and after the food that was eaten. You could predict, forecast or calculate any given parameter with substantial information so as to improve the parameter or any dependent of it. The parameter could be path of a satellite it should take as in prediction where we give a definitive value or age of a satellite as in forecasting. And there are much more interesting things what we awe at intelligent robots that keep learning and improve continuously, automated cars use a lot of mathematics and statistical models. The branch of mathematics that infatuated me was statistics. I could play the astrologist in my own reign. And that can also be applied to deep learning concepts. The king of probability Bayes had even tried to prove the existence of God using mathematics. Mathematics is infinity.


Moments captured

A photograph speaks a million words. The imaging technology has experienced the moore’s law and it is still living through it. I remember the mystic days of using negatives and wonder how the images would have come for 2 long days. It operated on a basic light and photo film technique. You could control only the ISO on most decent level models. Also one need to be good at judging the amount of light in a frame. But it used to be a good experience with it. There will be no one flaunting around with costly DSLRs or DSLTs. Time has witnessed the evolution from film cameras to SLR (Single lens reflection camera) to Digital SLRs to DSLTranslucent. Method of opration of a DSLR or T doesn’t differ much to the user except the later being a fixed mirror camera. With digital cameras there is no worry of a film wastage. Review and discard the ones that are no longer required. Happy shots 😉