Deleting perceptions the hard way!

Rewind and start your day all again and think for a minute was there any moment you forgive someone for the way they behaved they treated or their character itself is. Say yes or no to yourself. If you have said yes i would say you are rising up in the ladder to reach spiritual eternity. There can be two view points based on people. If you are a person who believe in God you travel towards lord and die. If you are not a believer in God you become the God. I myself a theosophist who does not want to hurt the feelings of religion stamped on me. A point highlighted is forgiving someone is the most highest human quality.

A few weeks back i was travelling out of the town, I was carrying a heavy backpack and waiting for the first transit by bus. The bus was heavily crowded at an odd hour in the midnight. I was desperately looking for a seat whenever bus halted briefly at in between stops. After few stops luckily the seat i was standing by got emptied and i was standing apart and gave way for the passenger to get out. By the time a drunk man from my behind pushed me aside and grabbed the seat. He was also holding the other seat for his friend. I got furious for a second and controlled myself and just gave a vague look towards his friend who was watching all this happen. He scolded his friend for the rude behaviour and asked me to sit instead. I was happy at least he has realised the mistake. I was able to make a thoughtful reaction that time but i still don’t know how long the ladder is. I strive and try to control anger and forgive when it comes to some unknown person. But when it comes to family or close friends beyond a limit I’m not able to keep that control, however those are not petty issues.

Someone can ask will i not become foolish and people repeatedly take advantage of it. No, it is not. If you get into a situation that keeps you irritated, try to do something and change for the benefit of all, then go ahead and do it. If not simple walk away. If a shit is destined to happen it will. That is Murphy’s law, the popular epigram states ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong’.

To forgive, to standup against just be you and turn inwards. That is the secret ingredient.

Learn to forgive someone for their ignorance that they don’t know what you can and what you cannot.

By forgiving you manifest your inner peace and pull other also into your peace.

There are numerous real life examples where forgiveness has brought a all new person outside and served for the greater benefit of the society.