Boolean decisions are only for outside world!

The mind does a lot of correlation and puts probability theory into practice before choosing a decision. The actions and profound decisions are made only upon what it has received in some way. The wildest part comes when it tries to find correlation among uncorrelated things and ends up ditching it into a false belief. To Come out of it and let itself see what is real truth requires mental strength. That strength will be derived from elsewhere only upon a cause, a desire to live. That desire to live is the key factor that decides the source. A desire is an instilled slow venom. That desire is thick and thin in blood and the worst part we do not know what it is. And also we do not know there is venom. We only see the effect and react in daily lives. If the reaction yields positive results and keeps you happy and motivated. There is no need to worry about the venom. Here the venom is not a real venom in its preferred sense. If it is so the natural justice will take care. The view is only an artifice and one cannot be calculative as such. So what is the final word ? Give as much good input to it and the result of calculation will be positive at least near positive since it is probabilistic decision with lot of human factors!