Crossing the Monsoon!

A vacation plan was due for sometime. We had freezed the date and location somehow before a week. It was not that humid to feel on that day and i saw dragonflies over every patch of stagnant water on our way. Melodies were over the air and i was humming it to ring inside my ears. Some were even repeated over and over again to make the bits in song to get lost from the sector to cause cracking and scratching effect (too much of metaphor!). I switched frequently to drive the wheel and provide some relief to my friend. I used to be serious whenever i was under the wheel so i stopped humming and was only sight seeing. After 150 miles we reached the mangrove forest and took a row boat with a rower. It was picturesque to navigate under the hood provided by mangrove trees. sunlight was lingering through the leaves and roots hanging and rubbing our shoulders as we passed through. Started back on our way after the boat ride. Much needed appetite was satisfied after a long search for some good food. We had a comfortable ride till now and the road was clear. We started to a nearby location about 60 miles. Winds blowed heavily and started raining. Drive became rough and difficult. There was high beam on passing vehicles and lost perfect view often to bypass. Tailing behind the vehicles and reached our stopping point. Took a poorly needed sleep that night. Woke up next morning fresh greeted  by dripping noise over the window. It had rained steadily all night and still drizzled. Finishing the breakfast vacated our room and decided to start back to our city amidst heavy rainfall. Tortoised few french streets under drizzling rain and felt badly we needed an umbrella to take photographs. By the time we found a store selling umbrella we felt hungry again to eat lunch. Finally crossed out of the current town. Roads had turned greasy with mix of sand and water. There were broken branches, stalks lying all over and leaves flying on the way. With the mix of melody and raining atmosphere both friends had fallen asleep. And i had to become more alert to drive alone and smoother to avoid disturbing their sleep. But often losing patience tailing behind others, and wherever a clean view was possible speeded bypassers. Poor sun that day started settling to make the day much poorer. Since we had not stepped the sands on shore though we were driving along coast, decided to visit the bay once we touched back the city. Dark clouds was dawning upon in darkness. Heavy winds pushing us down when we stepped down the vehicle. Trying to open the umbrella i decided not to proceed anymore pulled my friends into the vehicle. My friend took his turn to drive and navigated through the traffic. Under 48 hours the city we left had turned perilously with poth holes, knee deep stagnant water with its own tragedies.Snailing through the traffic we bid good bye each other and dropped at our homes. We were crossing the monsoon storm in opposite direction. The next day storm crossed the coastal place we visited causing same damage and disrupting the normal life of people. Hope the rain was helpful despite the damage it caused. It was respite for all of us spending together and enjoying friendship!…


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