Steps of hotel to railway station…

My bag had become heavy with additional weight of coconuts from the  temple. I had vacated the hotel room and walked down the street deciding to have a supper and walk up to railway station. The hotel was in opposite direction and i was not able to walk after a few steps feeling a sharp pain in my shoulder. I changed my mind and took a turn to railway station to avoid the distance to hotel. As i started an old granny, a really old obstructed and wanted few bucks. I handed a note for ten. She insisted more. And i wanted to move ahead. She continued speaking, ‘i am asking only to have my dinner’. I felt i should get it for her and immediately walked to a cart selling idli. She was suggesting the same shop which i have also observed it on my way few steps back. Hesitatingly i demanded the note which i handed initially since i was buying her what was required and asked for. But she was clinging to it with a poor face and said she would give at the shop. I asked the guy running that shop to give her a plate of idli. He was serving it in a plate and looking it was for the granny he suggested to her he would wrap it in a parcel and handed it over to her. I paid the money and she was looking at me with a sparse look. I said have that note with you and i walked to catch the train. But this time i gained some strength to lift the bag. And i left with a sense of satisfaction after being infused with lots of confusions over the day.


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