Inner Observance…

Laid flat on back and immovable legs and hands by the side. I was not counting the seconds as i did not know how long i would be in that position. A slogan was uttered into my ears initially. It did not feel good either bad. I tried to recollect and repeat myself. But i was not able to as i heard it for the first time. I try to eliminated all thoughts that flashed in my find and remain as blank as possible. I started losing sensation of my hands and legs twitched. I tried to repeat it to myself and it felt good. It started feeling good as time went my. And i was awakened by the guru not from sleep but from that position. I was at a yoga school in kumbakonam. I was inducted into meditation. I try to listen and observe what my inner cells speak everytime when i repeat. With all hope i remain to identify myself in this universe. Atleast before in expire. whether i attain the utmost consciousness or not i wanted to remain healthy and strenghtfull.


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