Religion, God/(Con)Science

I’m no atheist . I’m not against any religion. With this belief in me i have been searching for answers on questions unclear, What exists at the heart of every matter and reason for its existence. It may look like a vague question but when you read again it takes to a more serious problem…The purpose of existence of every Human being. May there is never a reason. But man kind has never lost hope in identifying scientific Basis for natural existence. And here comes the religion to rescue which consoles the shattered hearts and rebinds hope into them. Not any religion is false or bogus. Every religion was born as result of individual researches on natural existence. Instead of just ending up as bunch of white papers they managed to gain followers through multiple levels of human recommendations to fellow neighbors. But in recent years people lost their minds on why they follow particular religion and up being on extremes. Either they blindly follow processions and want magics to be hosted by their gods or they don’t Believe any of them. Its not wrong that one doesn’t believe any of them. But for that one needs to have a level of consciousness where they have a inclusive thinking of every single organism. But i see in many occasions people from either bucket doesn’t understand the true value of religions. Now i belong to a different bucket where i have been trying to understand the true value of GOD may be my religion since the white papers that Believed to exist are lost. I simply do this by asking repeated questions to myself rather than to someone else. i quest of i had lost hope in myself at many times and wanted a guru. I spent time in visiting them but neither did not reassure me of any confidence. But came across some reasonable persons to be noted and need of understand their valuable insights. Those are people like Master Chanchupathy Venkatarao venkaswamy, Nassim haramein and many others unnoticed. I write this may be i am confused or unsatisfied in this eternal life.