The undo work

It was one other day in my fairy tale land i wish it would turn to be but still in the ugly truth of present. I was one of the only few who talk of ethics and morales in all dimensions of life. ‘Run run life is a race’ as was said in a movie it has become a childish play to run for non-sense things without the childishness inside. An epidemic outbreak of plague has infected everyone. Hit and run? Why should i bother, Give seat for a aged one in bus, train etc ? Why should I, Someone fell stumbling down bother to help? He knows to get up, Someone rides the vehicle slowly and nobody is patient enough to follow and wait to overtake. In fact make him ashame and call him in a bad manner. This list is endless from waiting in a queue for something to getting admitted anywhere for anything. To uncurb this attitude and make a shift any supreme has to force it both top to down and bottom to top. Meaning a stringent laws for unacceptable inactions and a unified education to all classes of people. One should not fear to question and fear of being questionable and honesty should prevail always. Life is once and Make it simple. Nobody has demanded anyone anything. It is we demand ourself and strive to fight and reach. I wouldnt say it is wrong. But dont hurt and grab from the less privileged in any sort. Even the word and text editor only has a limited number of undos. So dont rely on undoing your actions. Think and act. Cheers.


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