Not a multiple personality disorder

I always tend to be in a balance state of mind and often trying to resolve quarrel among others. The honest person looks for the universal truth in every situation and tries to push me doing that. I follow the orders. But it is not a federal policy as well. So the filthy one keeps dragging me to perform his own needs and tend to break me down. Pretty confused in such situations i only had to bet on time. And let the rotation of earth to decide what has to happen. Accepting the outcome of it is a real challenge to all three of us. Anyone had to sacrifice every time and only one could win other one might accept. I try to give sedative to any two of them to prevent me from breaking down or the fight between them would kill me forever. And again there arises a quarrel in deciding the sedative. Omg! What the fuck would be running on all three. Sometimes i decide to kill the other two but doing that isnt easy. For an eternal life i need both. Neverthless i keep losing to the honest or the filthy person i indeed keep fighting all the time. Let the time decide!


Is it destiny ?

It was a day of determination after suffering with chronic infrequent knee and elbow joint in no pattern i could figure out for more than 4 years. I decided to run a novice marathon of 10km. Planning 3 months in advance did some study on shoes and got a pretty advanced in its kind with memory foam, coolant gel at the ankles, better ventilation and other blah blah blahs. Excited with the new shoe i started jogging almost 5 days in a week at the rate of 4 km per day. It made be refreshed and gave a new confidence. I was not feeling pain through this period. Waiting for D day it came atlast the day of marathon. There was 8000 odd runners i was about to run with on a cold day. There was pre stretching session during which for the first time i was doing those stretches. I was not accompanied by anyone and to run and complete was the only thing running in my mind. Luckily i got to find a old friend in the crowd and became buddies. Slow and steady was the call and we started our journey. After first 2 or 3 km my buddy got exhausted and started to slow down to walking. I kept jogging at the same pace of him to get hold. I could not leave him behind and go on running. It became my responsibility to inspire and make him run along. After 1 hour and 27 minutes we were on the target with a medal of completion. It felt like a life time achievement to me and wanted to keep running in every possible opportunity from then on. On evening of same day i started feeling pain in my legs. It was the usual muscular pain after a lot of straining and i decided to take a break from jogging for a week. I was relieved of the muscular pain but my chronic infrequent joint pain became frequent and barred me from jogging totally. I knew i should take a consulatation from doctor but nevertheless it wouldn’t help in my case as i had already spent time and money in identifying root cause and failed. But i am still trying to give that start atleast 1km a day and get pace. The shoe is stranded with mud and dust. It is waiting for the runner in me…