Hand broken for a day

It was raining heavily and i was not able to take my bike to work. Missed the bus that would take me to work too. And then car pooling helped me. Reached late to office though. It was usual routine for the rest of the day till i left office. I had to take a bus on different route to reach home. Met new people. Got to play cards with them. Took the next transit and had to walk a few kilometers after that. I was already hungry and couldn’t  walk. Luckily a pack of biscuit which i got before boarding the bus came in handy. I was munching the buscuits under the drizzling rain and emptied as i walked past half shuttered shops. Then there was a soup shop. A hot bowl of peppered soup was rolling down my throat. Some barking dogs some chasing behind and at a flash of bright lit neon lamp on top of my head chasing all of them away from me. The day ended peacefully. It was a different day without bike. Sometimes a change from routine away from comfort zone may bring you experiences both in favour and not. It is not about a day without bike. Small things that you leave behind with courage. Breaking habits schedules and routines. It is to stretch and know the limits or go as far as you can until you break. You will not regret later for not even trying something out.


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