Moments captured

A photograph speaks a million words. The imaging technology has experienced the moore’s law and it is still living through it. I remember the mystic days of using negatives and wonder how the images would have come for 2 long days. It operated on a basic light and photo film technique. You could control only the ISO on most decent level models. Also one need to be good at judging the amount of light in a frame. But it used to be a good experience with it. There will be no one flaunting around with costly DSLRs or DSLTs. Time has witnessed the evolution from film cameras to SLR (Single lens reflection camera) to Digital SLRs to DSLTranslucent. Method of opration of a DSLR or T doesn’t differ much to the user except the later being a fixed mirror camera. With digital cameras there is no worry of a film wastage. Review and discard the ones that are no longer required. Happy shots 😉


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