Deleting perceptions the hard way!

Rewind and start your day all again and think for a minute was there any moment you forgive someone for the way they behaved they treated or their character itself is. Say yes or no to yourself. If you have said yes i would say you are rising up in the ladder to reach spiritual eternity. There can be two view points based on people. If you are a person who believe in God you travel towards lord and die. If you are not a believer in God you become the God. I myself a theosophist who does not want to hurt the feelings of religion stamped on me. A point highlighted is forgiving someone is the most highest human quality.

A few weeks back i was travelling out of the town, I was carrying a heavy backpack and waiting for the first transit by bus. The bus was heavily crowded at an odd hour in the midnight. I was desperately looking for a seat whenever bus halted briefly at in between stops. After few stops luckily the seat i was standing by got emptied and i was standing apart and gave way for the passenger to get out. By the time a drunk man from my behind pushed me aside and grabbed the seat. He was also holding the other seat for his friend. I got furious for a second and controlled myself and just gave a vague look towards his friend who was watching all this happen. He scolded his friend for the rude behaviour and asked me to sit instead. I was happy at least he has realised the mistake. I was able to make a thoughtful reaction that time but i still don’t know how long the ladder is. I strive and try to control anger and forgive when it comes to some unknown person. But when it comes to family or close friends beyond a limit I’m not able to keep that control, however those are not petty issues.

Someone can ask will i not become foolish and people repeatedly take advantage of it. No, it is not. If you get into a situation that keeps you irritated, try to do something and change for the benefit of all, then go ahead and do it. If not simple walk away. If a shit is destined to happen it will. That is Murphy’s law, the popular epigram states ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong’.

To forgive, to standup against just be you and turn inwards. That is the secret ingredient.

Learn to forgive someone for their ignorance that they don’t know what you can and what you cannot.

By forgiving you manifest your inner peace and pull other also into your peace.

There are numerous real life examples where forgiveness has brought a all new person outside and served for the greater benefit of the society.









Assumptions and packages!

Most people’s cycle of life and in work gets started with assumptions. In beginning so we may miss out opportunities that can be fruitful. What we often get as clouded thought is result of past inputs and experiences to the mind. Thoughts I believe are of two shades. Either positive or negative. It describes how we are as an individual characterized in accumulating thoughts. Instead of boolean decisions it is essential we count on hypothetical outcomes. These assumptions leads to perceptions. A perception is much stronger than an assumption. It is intimidating to believe what you think. That is what makes perceptions so dangerous.

The famous philosophy by Aristotle, 

“Anyone can become angry that is easy. But to be angry with the right person to the right degree at the right time for the right purpose and in the right way, this is not easy” 

is so truthful that no one is exempted. When we are biased towards a negative thought the chances of being angered are so high due to a sense of insecured feel. It is essential we keep up high morale and stealths’s one.

Being morale is being righteous when life has its hardships. To score the right sense and as a life thread Dr. Abdul kalam has given a golden proverb,

“Where there is righteousness in heart there is beauty in character

When there is beauty in character there is harmony in home

When there is harmony in home there is order in nation

When there is order in nation there is peace in the world”

Finally time alleviates agony and heals everything provided our assumptions are positive put anger to right use and make righteous decisions.

யாதும் அனுபவம்

எனக்குள் இருந்த தார்மீகக் கோபம் அனைத்து சிறு தவறுகள் மனிதம் என்ற தலைப்பில் முன்வைத்து பேசப்பட்ட யாதும்நிகழ்ச்சியில் இருந்து மேலும் தூண்டப்பட்டது என்று தான் கூற வேண்டும்.

சிறு வயது முதல் எது சரி எது தவறு எனும் பகுத்தறிவை என் பெற்றோர் எனக்கு சற்று கூடுதலாகவே கொடுத்து விட்டாரோ என்னமோ தெரியவில்லை , அனைத்துசக மனிதர் தெரிந்து செய்யும் சிறு தவறுகளுக்கு கோபம் உள்ளுக்குள் வரும், என் இப்படி மனிதமற்று நடக்கிறார்கள் என்று. அனால் அதை திருத்த தடிகேட்க தைரியத்தை என் பெற்றோர் எனக்கு அளிக்க மறந்து விட்டனர். எனக்கு ஏன் வம்பு என்று ஒதுங்கி ஒதுங்கி நான் கோழையாகவே மாரிவிட்டேனோ என்ற சந்தேகம் எனக்கு தோன்றிவிட்டது.

மாற்றம் நம்முள் தான் பிறக்க வேண்டும் அதனை நாம் முதலில் கடைபிடிக்க வேண்டும் என்பதறிந்த உண்மைதான். நானும் அப்படித்தான் இருந்தேன்.அனால் உதாசீனம் மட்டுமே மிஞ்சியது.

யாதும் நிகழ்ச்சியில் பியுஷ் எனும் நண்பரின் உரையை கேட்டேன்.அவர் பேச்சு மிகவும் உணர்ச்சி பூர்வமாக இருந்தது.நானும் ஏதேனும் செய்யவேண்டும் எனும் என்னத்தை விதைப்பவையாக இருந்தது.

அவரிடம் பேசிய போது நான் கேட்ட முதல் கேள்வி , நான் சந்திக்கும் பிரச்சனையை எங்கிருந்து தொடங்குவது என்றுதான் . நீங்கல் முதலில் அந்த பிரச்சனையை நேரில் தொட வேண்டும் என்றார். நான் தொட்டேன் அனால் ஒன்றும் நடக்கவில்லை என்றேன். நான் மட்டும் தான் கடைசி வரை தனியாக நின்றேன் . அடுத்த கட்டமாக சம்மந்த பட்டவருக்கு கடுதாசி போடுங்கள்.பிறகும் பதில் இல்லையெனில் கோபமாக கொச்சை சொற்களால் திட்டி போராடுங்கள். இந்த பதில் எனக்கு அச்சத்தை ஏற்படுத்தினாலும் பிறர் கவனத்தை ஈர்க்க இப்படி செய்யத்தான் வேண்டும் போல் என்று தோன்றுகிறது.

அரங்கத்தின் வாயிலை விட்டு வெளியேரி சாலையை கடக்க முயன்ற போது இரு நான்கு சக்கர வாகனம் எதிர் எதிரே நின்று சாலையை வழி மறித்து சாலை நெரிசலை உருவாக்கிவிட்டனர். ஒரு புறமாக வாகனங்கள் வந்து கொண்டே இருந்தன. எவரும் நின்று செரி செய்ய முன்வரவில்லை . நான் பாதசாலையாக கடக்க முயன்று நின்றிருந்தேன். செரி நாம் சற்று வாகனத்தை நிறுத்தி வழி அமைத்து செரிசெய்வோம் என்று என்னினேன் . ஒரு புரத்தில் இருந்து விரைந்து கொண்டிருந்த வாகனங்களுக்கு கை அசைத்து நிற்கும்படி கேட்டேன் . முதல் வண்டி நிற்கவில்லை,விரைந்தது. அடுத்த வாகனத்தை சற்று வேகமாக கை அசைத்து நிற்க சொன்னேன் . உள்ளிருந்த ௪௦ வயது மதிக்கத்தக்க ஒரு பெண்மணி கையை அலட்சியமாக அசைத்து நிற்க முடியாது என்று கூறி விரைந்து கொண்டேயிருந்தார் . இந்த நிகழ்வு என்னை சற்றே கீழே தள்ளியது என்று தான் கூற வேண்டும். இரண்டு நாட்கள் சுற்றுச்சூழல் மேலான்மை நீர் மேலான்மை மற்றும் மனிதம் மனிதம் மனிதம் என்று பேசி தீர்த்தவைகள் என்ன வாயிற்று என்று வியந்தேன். அவர்கள் கூறியது சென்னையில் நடந்த இயற்கை சீற்றத்திற்குப் பிறகு மக்களின் மனதில் மனிதம் உயிர்ப்பித்தது என்பதுதான். ஆனால் நான் கண் கூடாக வெள்ளம் வடிந்த பிறகு எங்கும் அதனை காண முடியவில்லை. இதற்கு இனோர் நிகழ்வு சான்று. நிகழ்வின் நிறைவுக்குப் பின் அங்குள்ள ஒருவரிடம் எதார்த்தமாக பேச நேரிட்டது. அவர் genetic engineer படித்தவர். நான்தகவல் தொழில்நுட்பம் படித்தவன் என்று தெரிந்தவுடன் என்னை பற்றிய ஒரு தவரான அபிப்ராயத்தை உருவாக்கி தன் உடன் வந்தவரிடம் கதை கட்டினார். இவர் வெளி நாட்டவர்க்கு நாம் உறங்கும் வேளையில் அவர்க்கு தேவையான வேலையை இங்கிருந்து செய்வார்கள் . வேர் ஏதும் பெரிதாக செய்பவர்கள் இல்லை என்றார். எனக்கு சட்டென்று கோபம் வந்தது. அடக்கிவிட்டு, ஏன் தலைவரே தகவல் தொழில்நுட்பத்தை இவ்வளவு குறுகிய பார்வையுடன் பற்பதுமட்டுமல்லாமல் அதை மற்றவர்க்கும் அவ்வாரே விளக்குகிரீர் என்றேன். ஏதோ ஒரு காழ்புணர்ச்சியில் நான் கூறியதை மறுத்துக்கொண்டே இருந்தார். அவர் உடன் வந்தவர் செரி எதற்கு நீங்கள் சண்டை போடுகிரிர்கள் என்று தடுத்து வந்த வேலையை பார்ப்போம் என்று விடை பெற்றார். இப்படி இரண்டு நாள் முழுவதும் பேசித்தீர்த்த மனிதம் தன்னொழுக்கத்தை நான் எங்கும் காண இயலவில்லை . சாக்கடை என்று என்னைப்போல் பலர் விலகிச்சென்றதால் தான் தன்னொழுக்கம் கெட்டு இப்பொழுது அடைத்துக்கொண்டு நோயாக உருவெடுக்கிறது .

நான் மகாத்மாவோ ஏசுவோ அல்ல, நீங்கள் இவன் யார் இவ்வளவு பேச என்று நினைக்க .ஒரு குழந்தை மனம் கொண்ட என்னை விட பெரியவனை கண்டு பயப்படும் ஒரு சாதாரன மனிதன்.

சரி ஏன் இவ்வளவு சீர் கேடு தன்னொழுக்கம் கெடும் அளவிற்கு என்று சிந்திக்க முயன்றேன். நிச்சயம் எங்கோ தவறு நடந்து பரவியுள்ளது என்று தெரிகிறது. எந்த மனிதனும் பேராசைக்காரன் தான் அதற்காக இத்தனை பெரிய அளவா. நம்மை வழி நடத்துபவர் சரியில்லை என்றால் நிச்சயம் இவ்வளவு கேடு வரத்தான் செய்யும். சராசரி அறிவுத்திறன் கொண்ட மாணவன் படிக்கவில்லை எதிலும் ஈடு படவில்லை என்றல், அவர் ஆசிரியர் மற்றும் பெற்றோர் தான் முழுக்காரணம். அதே போல் ஆட்சியாளர்கள் அந்த அந்த இடத்தில் சிறு சிறு தவரை கண்டித்திருந்தால் இத்தனை பெரும் கூட்டம் இத்தகு சிறு சிறு தவரை செய்ய பழகியிருக்காது .

பார்ப்பவை அனைத்தும் சிறிது

உடையவை அனைத்தும் சிறிது

வேண்டுபவை மட்டும் பெரிது

உங்கள் அறிவுக்கண்ணை திரங்கள்

பார்ப்பவை உடையவை பெரிதாகும்

வேண்டுபவை சிறிதாகும்

மனங்கள் மாறிடும்

மாற்றத்தை உருவாக்கிடும்



Boolean decisions are only for outside world!

The mind does a lot of correlation and puts probability theory into practice before choosing a decision. The actions and profound decisions are made only upon what it has received in some way. The wildest part comes when it tries to find correlation among uncorrelated things and ends up ditching it into a false belief. To Come out of it and let itself see what is real truth requires mental strength. That strength will be derived from elsewhere only upon a cause, a desire to live. That desire to live is the key factor that decides the source. A desire is an instilled slow venom. That desire is thick and thin in blood and the worst part we do not know what it is. And also we do not know there is venom. We only see the effect and react in daily lives. If the reaction yields positive results and keeps you happy and motivated. There is no need to worry about the venom. Here the venom is not a real venom in its preferred sense. If it is so the natural justice will take care. The view is only an artifice and one cannot be calculative as such. So what is the final word ? Give as much good input to it and the result of calculation will be positive at least near positive since it is probabilistic decision with lot of human factors!


Crossing the Monsoon!

A vacation plan was due for sometime. We had freezed the date and location somehow before a week. It was not that humid to feel on that day and i saw dragonflies over every patch of stagnant water on our way. Melodies were over the air and i was humming it to ring inside my ears. Some were even repeated over and over again to make the bits in song to get lost from the sector to cause cracking and scratching effect (too much of metaphor!). I switched frequently to drive the wheel and provide some relief to my friend. I used to be serious whenever i was under the wheel so i stopped humming and was only sight seeing. After 150 miles we reached the mangrove forest and took a row boat with a rower. It was picturesque to navigate under the hood provided by mangrove trees. sunlight was lingering through the leaves and roots hanging and rubbing our shoulders as we passed through. Started back on our way after the boat ride. Much needed appetite was satisfied after a long search for some good food. We had a comfortable ride till now and the road was clear. We started to a nearby location about 60 miles. Winds blowed heavily and started raining. Drive became rough and difficult. There was high beam on passing vehicles and lost perfect view often to bypass. Tailing behind the vehicles and reached our stopping point. Took a poorly needed sleep that night. Woke up next morning fresh greeted  by dripping noise over the window. It had rained steadily all night and still drizzled. Finishing the breakfast vacated our room and decided to start back to our city amidst heavy rainfall. Tortoised few french streets under drizzling rain and felt badly we needed an umbrella to take photographs. By the time we found a store selling umbrella we felt hungry again to eat lunch. Finally crossed out of the current town. Roads had turned greasy with mix of sand and water. There were broken branches, stalks lying all over and leaves flying on the way. With the mix of melody and raining atmosphere both friends had fallen asleep. And i had to become more alert to drive alone and smoother to avoid disturbing their sleep. But often losing patience tailing behind others, and wherever a clean view was possible speeded bypassers. Poor sun that day started settling to make the day much poorer. Since we had not stepped the sands on shore though we were driving along coast, decided to visit the bay once we touched back the city. Dark clouds was dawning upon in darkness. Heavy winds pushing us down when we stepped down the vehicle. Trying to open the umbrella i decided not to proceed anymore pulled my friends into the vehicle. My friend took his turn to drive and navigated through the traffic. Under 48 hours the city we left had turned perilously with poth holes, knee deep stagnant water with its own tragedies.Snailing through the traffic we bid good bye each other and dropped at our homes. We were crossing the monsoon storm in opposite direction. The next day storm crossed the coastal place we visited causing same damage and disrupting the normal life of people. Hope the rain was helpful despite the damage it caused. It was respite for all of us spending together and enjoying friendship!…

Steps of hotel to railway station…

My bag had become heavy with additional weight of coconuts from the  temple. I had vacated the hotel room and walked down the street deciding to have a supper and walk up to railway station. The hotel was in opposite direction and i was not able to walk after a few steps feeling a sharp pain in my shoulder. I changed my mind and took a turn to railway station to avoid the distance to hotel. As i started an old granny, a really old obstructed and wanted few bucks. I handed a note for ten. She insisted more. And i wanted to move ahead. She continued speaking, ‘i am asking only to have my dinner’. I felt i should get it for her and immediately walked to a cart selling idli. She was suggesting the same shop which i have also observed it on my way few steps back. Hesitatingly i demanded the note which i handed initially since i was buying her what was required and asked for. But she was clinging to it with a poor face and said she would give at the shop. I asked the guy running that shop to give her a plate of idli. He was serving it in a plate and looking it was for the granny he suggested to her he would wrap it in a parcel and handed it over to her. I paid the money and she was looking at me with a sparse look. I said have that note with you and i walked to catch the train. But this time i gained some strength to lift the bag. And i left with a sense of satisfaction after being infused with lots of confusions over the day.

Inner Observance…

Laid flat on back and immovable legs and hands by the side. I was not counting the seconds as i did not know how long i would be in that position. A slogan was uttered into my ears initially. It did not feel good either bad. I tried to recollect and repeat myself. But i was not able to as i heard it for the first time. I try to eliminated all thoughts that flashed in my find and remain as blank as possible. I started losing sensation of my hands and legs twitched. I tried to repeat it to myself and it felt good. It started feeling good as time went my. And i was awakened by the guru not from sleep but from that position. I was at a yoga school in kumbakonam. I was inducted into meditation. I try to listen and observe what my inner cells speak everytime when i repeat. With all hope i remain to identify myself in this universe. Atleast before in expire. whether i attain the utmost consciousness or not i wanted to remain healthy and strenghtfull.

Religion, God/(Con)Science

I’m no atheist . I’m not against any religion. With this belief in me i have been searching for answers on questions unclear, What exists at the heart of every matter and reason for its existence. It may look like a vague question but when you read again it takes to a more serious problem…The purpose of existence of every Human being. May there is never a reason. But man kind has never lost hope in identifying scientific Basis for natural existence. And here comes the religion to rescue which consoles the shattered hearts and rebinds hope into them. Not any religion is false or bogus. Every religion was born as result of individual researches on natural existence. Instead of just ending up as bunch of white papers they managed to gain followers through multiple levels of human recommendations to fellow neighbors. But in recent years people lost their minds on why they follow particular religion and up being on extremes. Either they blindly follow processions and want magics to be hosted by their gods or they don’t Believe any of them. Its not wrong that one doesn’t believe any of them. But for that one needs to have a level of consciousness where they have a inclusive thinking of every single organism. But i see in many occasions people from either bucket doesn’t understand the true value of religions. Now i belong to a different bucket where i have been trying to understand the true value of GOD may be my religion since the white papers that Believed to exist are lost. I simply do this by asking repeated questions to myself rather than to someone else. i quest of i had lost hope in myself at many times and wanted a guru. I spent time in visiting them but neither did not reassure me of any confidence. But came across some reasonable persons to be noted and need of understand their valuable insights. Those are people like Master Chanchupathy Venkatarao venkaswamy, Nassim haramein and many others unnoticed. I write this may be i am confused or unsatisfied in this eternal life.

Rebuilding the Love for Math

Everyone does business in their daily lives and hence put math to work. But many at times limit ourselves to unleash the full potential of math what we know. The reason could be meaningless classes we attended and exams that have been written to secure grades. But somehow my inner mind was telling me to develop a strong passion for mathematics after disconnecting it from for a while. The power of mathematics is unlimited and plays a vital role in all spheres of life. Be it the food you take and the amount of calories and time to burn can be said with certain confidence level given the work done before and after the food that was eaten. You could predict, forecast or calculate any given parameter with substantial information so as to improve the parameter or any dependent of it. The parameter could be path of a satellite it should take as in prediction where we give a definitive value or age of a satellite as in forecasting. And there are much more interesting things what we awe at intelligent robots that keep learning and improve continuously, automated cars use a lot of mathematics and statistical models. The branch of mathematics that infatuated me was statistics. I could play the astrologist in my own reign. And that can also be applied to deep learning concepts. The king of probability Bayes had even tried to prove the existence of God using mathematics. Mathematics is infinity.

The undo work

It was one other day in my fairy tale land i wish it would turn to be but still in the ugly truth of present. I was one of the only few who talk of ethics and morales in all dimensions of life. ‘Run run life is a race’ as was said in a movie it has become a childish play to run for non-sense things without the childishness inside. An epidemic outbreak of plague has infected everyone. Hit and run? Why should i bother, Give seat for a aged one in bus, train etc ? Why should I, Someone fell stumbling down bother to help? He knows to get up, Someone rides the vehicle slowly and nobody is patient enough to follow and wait to overtake. In fact make him ashame and call him in a bad manner. This list is endless from waiting in a queue for something to getting admitted anywhere for anything. To uncurb this attitude and make a shift any supreme has to force it both top to down and bottom to top. Meaning a stringent laws for unacceptable inactions and a unified education to all classes of people. One should not fear to question and fear of being questionable and honesty should prevail always. Life is once and Make it simple. Nobody has demanded anyone anything. It is we demand ourself and strive to fight and reach. I wouldnt say it is wrong. But dont hurt and grab from the less privileged in any sort. Even the word and text editor only has a limited number of undos. So dont rely on undoing your actions. Think and act. Cheers.